Death Valley - Slide Show                                                                     
Death Valley California  - When folks hear the name "Death Valley" they conjure up the thought that who would want to
visit a place with a name like that? But the fact of the matter is, that everyone I have had the pleasure to introduce this most amazing
landscape to was simply delighted with the place after a few days of exploration. It is a land of contrasts and paradoxes. The subtle
colors and unique lighting of the landscape turns out to be a place of solitude and beauty for all those who take the time out to
explore this most beautiful and unique National Park.  

Death Valley still has it's harsh side, however.  Eight months out of the year Death Valley records triple digit temperatures. No place
in the western hemisphere comes close to this type of heat. And with only 1/2 inch of average rainfall this only adds to the harshness.
Most water from the few passing clouds evaporates before it even hits the ground. We hope that you will find that this series on
Death Valley in Timberline Trails will be a good guide to introduce you to both the harshness and beauty of Death Valley