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Starlight Peak - (14,200 Ft) was first climbed on July 9, 1930 by Norman Clyde. He described it this way: "A wedge several
feet in length and one foot in width. Being in fact the slender culmination of a great pinnacle falling away precipitously on every
side, it was an extremely airy perch."
No doubt that Sean in the above photo would agree. Stephen F. Porcella  and Cameron
M. Burns in their book "Climbing California's Fourteeners" describe the peak this way:
The summit is a single rock monolith standing over 30 feet high and tapering to a point only 2 feet wide. Upon reaching this
diminutive point, the climber's senses are besieged by vertigo as well as euphoria. The ridge below, much like one's stomach,
seems to drop out from beneath. More than 1,000 feet below to the east lies the magnificent Palisade Glacier. To the west lies
the incredible expanse of Dusy and Palisade Basins. The view, like the exposure, is nothing less than exhilarating."
Well, there you have it by a few of the experts. I would just like to simply add this. Starlight Peak is one incredible peak, and is
considered by many to be the most difficult of all the California Fourteener's (all things considered). It is our sincere hope that
you enjoy the photo's and writings in this section of
Timberline Trails.
Starlight Peak - Base Camp
Climbers on
Starlight Peak
will experience
much variation
as they progress
up the mountain.