Sierra Nevada Mountains - Shadow Lake Trail                         
Photo by David French
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Shadow Lake Trail -
is a beautifully well
maintained trail that takes
back country travelers into
the Ansel Adams
Wilderness. When traveling
on this trail, you will pass
beautiful meadows, lakes,
and cascading streams all
along the way. Many
consider this trail and the
surrounding areas to be one
of the most beautiful parts
of the Sierra Nevada
Mountains. Shadow Lake
Trail is a quota trail, and
numerous people each year
scramble to get permits to
enter this wilderness during
the summer months.
Thousand Island Lakes is
also a part of this area.
The Sierra Nevada catches all the rains and clouds from the west - to the east are deserts - so, of course, this valley sees but little rain, but where
streams come down from the Sierra they spread out and great meadows of green grass occur. Tens of thousands of the starving cattle of the
state have been driven in here this year, and there is feed for twice as many more. Yet these meadows comprise not over one-tenth of the valley -
the rest is desert.
--William H. Brewer, "Up and Down California in 1860-1864"  (Taken from "California's Eastern Sierra" a Visitor's Guide by Sue Irwin)