Sierra Nevada Mountains - Fish Hatchery                                
Photo by David French
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The Mount Whitney
State Fish Hatchery -

located near Independence,
was completed in 1917. It
has been a Sierra landmark
for nearly 90 years. The
Tudor style building has
two foot thick walls that are
built from granite rocks and
boulders that were collected
in the immediate area and
sorted to fit, rather than cut
to fit. Today, well over 20
million brown and eastern
brook trout eggs are
incubated annually. The fish
when they reach about 9-12
inches long, are dropped by
plane into the numerous
lakes throughout the range.
The trout are not native to
most of the eastern Sierra
but were introduced during
the 1850's before the
building of the hatchery.
(Information from
"California's Eastern Sierra"
a Visitor's Guide by Sue