Sierra Nevada Mountains - Palisade Glacier                             
Photo by David French
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Climbers on the
Palisade Glacier -
approach the "U" notch
section. (the prominent
snow chute in center
portion of the photo) The
Palisade Glacier is the
largest glacier in the Sierra
Nevada Mountains. But as
far as glaciers are
concerned, the Palisade
Glacier is fairly tame.
During our travels on this
glacier, the only difficulty
we ever encountered was
crossing the
when exiting the glacier to
climb the
"U" notch in order
to gain access to the
Palisade Crest for climbing
purposes. This is not to say
that care should not be
taken when crossing the
glacier. For hidden pockets
and even crevasses can exist at any time of the year. If in doubt, rope up, and follow proper glacier travel procedures. As seen in the show chute above, the dark stains are
evidence of much rock fall. I have found that this is the greatest danger to climbers who venture into this section of the Sierra's.

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