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Colorado Fall Colors - Fallen Leaves                                          timberlinetrails.net
Photo by David French
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Here you see the beautiful
fallen leaves of the maple
and aspen trees mixed
together. Indeed they make
for a very special color
mix. Maple trees are not
indigenous to Colorado,
but the maple (whose
leaves you see to the
right), was brought in by
one of the Rangers of the
Ridgeway State Park. I
missed getting a picture of
the maple in full color,
because I waited. So all
that I was able to get was
the aftermath of the fallen

Ecclesiastes 3:11
He has made everything
beautiful in its time. He has
also set eternity in the
hearts of men; yet they
cannot fathom what God
has done from beginning to

Photo taken with Nikon
D200 and 60mm Macro
Lens Set at F5.6  1/256
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