Aerial Photography                                         
Aerial Photographs are an important part of Timberline Trails, because they give us a birds eye view of important
climbing features that would otherwise be impossible to capture from the ground.

Recently, my long time climbing partner, Mike Koerner,  has acquired a specialized piece of equipment that will enable us
to capture far more photos from the air. We believe that this will give you, the visitor, a much better perspective of hiking,
backpacking, and climbing areas that you may be interested in. Our plan is to capture images that will show important
mountain terrain such as glaciers, passes, basins, and other key elements that make up the great outdoors.

The following is a write up by Mike describing the
recently acquired aircraft:
The airplane used for Timberline Trails aerial photography is a
Flight Design CT2K. The CT2K (and more recent CTSW model)
is a German designed Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). The Light Sport
designation allows use of less rigorous aircraft and pilot certification
standards which result in lower purchase and operating costs. The
CT aircraft are manufactured in the Ukraine , which also helps
reduce cost. They are constructed from carbon and Kevlar fiber
and epoxy composites for high-strength, light-weight and the ease
of aerodynamic contouring for performance optimization. The CT
aircraft are powered by a 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, 100-hp Rotax
gasoline engine with a proven history of high performance and
reliability. A 2.4 to one gear reduction on the prop shaft allows the
engine to operate at high speeds which greatly improve the power
density. The high cantilever wing, large windows and low stall
speed (39 knots) make it an excellent photographic, search and
rescue and observation platform. Interconnected flaps and ailerons
and a negative flap setting allow cruise speeds up to 120 knots
with a fuel consumption of only 4 gallons per hour and a range
of well over 1000 miles.

 Habakkuk 3:19
 The Sovereign LORD is my strength; he makes my feet like
 the feet of a deer, He enables me to go on the heights.  
Photo by Mike Koerner